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Track your way

to happiness

Lighthouse is your very own Life Tracker.

It helps you discover your unique happiness formula by revealing the areas of life you want to improve.

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Want to be happier?

Join Lighthouse now!



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Find out with real insights
based on how you spend
your time

You’ll be able to rate your moods and life categories with weekly check-ins, significantly aiding you in tracking your way to happiness.

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Bring balance to
your life and grow

Using data and algorithms your information is processed and presented with user-friendly graphs, showing the variables that define your happiness formula.

See the impact of
your life in each area

Each day you will be encouraged to accept a challenge that focuses on growing your awareness, enriching your life, reconnecting with your environment, and spreading love. 

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Daily challenges to
keep you motivated

You’ll receive uplifting motivation and quotes on a daily basis to keep you on track toward achieving your life goals.

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  • What is Lighthouse?
    Lighthouse is your very own Life Tracker. It helps you discover your unique happiness formula by revealing the areas of life you want to improve. Through powerful tools, fun challenges, and data driven metrics, you’ll be empowered to make changes, be able to track progress and begin experiencing a happier life.
  • How does Lighthouse work?
    Lighthouse challenges you to improve areas of your life, build healthy habits, be more grateful, and enjoy the act of helping others. You are encouraged to complete daily challenges, mood assessments, and weekly check-ins and through data and metrics, users are able to track their progress toward achieving their happiness goals.
  • What are the advantages of signing up for Lighthouse PLUS?
    By becoming PLUS, you will unlock the following features: Unlock full access to all metrics and gain a clearer understanding of your own unique happiness formula. Grow your ability to track your happiness by receiving far more profound insights. Access missed challenge opportunities to become a better version of yourself. See how far you've come, by saving your personal achievements in your iCloud. Happiness is not out there, it is within you.
  • Is this a one time single payment or is there an automatic renewal?
    Your PLUS plan will renew automatically. You can cancel at any time.
  • Is the membership fee debited monthly or annually?
    PLUS plans start at one low, fixed monthly fee. No extra costs or contracts, you can choose to stop at any time.
  • How do I cancel my subscription?
    If Lighthouse isn’t right for you, you can cancel easily via the App Store. There are no cancellation fees or contracts. Start or stop your subscription at any time.
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Your happiness is worth finding.
"Let's light the way!"

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